Hearing Instruments


SIRION Product Family

Sirion - 12 Channels. Non-wireless

  • BTE Sirion S (TwinMic)
  • BTE Sirion M (TwinMic)
  • BTE Sirion P (TwinMic)
  • ITE / ITC Sirion
  • CIC Sirion

MOTION XCL Product Family

Non-wireless product.

  • 101 XCL - 6 Channels.
  • CIC Motion 101 XCL Channels.

PURE micon RIC Products

Pure 3mi RIC BTE - IP 67 certified. Water, dust, sweat & shock resistant. Wireless and rechargeable products. Use with Click miniReceiver 2.0 (S, M, P, HP) and Click Dome (Open, Closed, Double, Semi-Open). HP Receiver is customized in CIC shell. Pure RIC BTE - 312 size battery.

  • RIC BTE Pure 3mi (TwinMic)

MOTION micon BTE Product Family

All Motion SX & PX BTE (7mi, 5mi, 3mi) products are wireless and rechargeable. Motion M BTE (7mi, 5mi, 3mi) is non-rechargeable & suitable for pediatric fitting.

  • BTE Motion SX 7mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion M7 mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion PS 7mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion SX 5mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion M 5mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion PX 5mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion SX 3mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion SX 7mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion M 3mi (TwinMic)
  • BTE Motion PX 3mi (TwinMic)

INSIO micon Custom Product Family

Insio 7mi, 5mi, 3mi Custom products are wireless. Optivent option is available for custom products. IIC Insio 7mi, 5mi, 3mi non-wireless custom model available on request.

  • ITE / ITC Insio 7mi (TwinMic)
  • CIC Insio 7mi (TwinMic)
  • ITE/ITC Insio 5mi (TwinMic)
  • CIC Insio 3mi (TwinMic)
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